Moroccan Arabic phrasebook 4 (Phrasebooks) por AA. VV.

Moroccan Arabic phrasebook 4 (Phrasebooks) por AA. VV.

April 6, 2020

Titulo del libro : Moroccan Arabic phrasebook 4 (Phrasebooks)
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 29, 2014
Autor : AA. VV.
Número de páginas : 184
ISBN : 1741791375
Editor : GeoPlaneta

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AA. VV. con Moroccan Arabic phrasebook 4 (Phrasebooks)

Up to 4 million people visit Morocco annually and many of them are looking quizzically at menus or asking really loudly where the toilet is. But with this phrasebook you neednt be one of themTwo-way dictionary and snappy sentence builder
Quick tips for pronunciation and grammar
Phrases for finding accommodation
Handy health and emergency chapterCoverage Includes:Introduction, Pronunciation, Grammar, Meeting People, Getting Around, Accommodation, Around Town, Interests, Shopping, Food, In the Country, Health, Specific Needs, Time Date Festivals, Numbers Amounts, Berber, French, Emergencies, Dictionary and Sustainable Travel