How to Talk to Children About Art por Françoise Barbe-Gall,Karine Leroux

How to Talk to Children About Art por Françoise Barbe-Gall,Karine Leroux

November 12, 2019

Titulo del libro : How to Talk to Children About Art
Autor : Françoise Barbe-Gall,Karine Leroux

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Françoise Barbe-Gall,Karine Leroux con How to Talk to Children About Art

Críticas ""A simple, easy-to-use primer."" --NEA Today ""A primer on art history and valuable tips to make a visit to a museum with children a success."" --Treasure Valley Family ""Provides many ideas to help make that visit to the art museum a pleasant experience for everyone."" --Chicago Parent ""A wonderful guide."" --Omaha World-Herald ""Takes a great idea and executes it effectively."" --Kliatt ""An accessible entrance to usher children into the world of art, specifically preparing them for museum visits and any questions."" --Violet ""An excellent resource for art gallery or museum visits."" --BC Parent Reseña del editor This is a children's art book for grown-ups. In everyday language it shows how to explain to children what to look for and how to enjoy paintings as diverse as a Renaissance religious scene, an impressionist portrait or modernist masters like Kandinsky and Picasso. Examining 30 paintings by great artists, from 1500 to the present day, in galleries around the world, this book gives examples of the kinds of questions a child might ask about the paintings such as; 'Who are the people in this painting?' 'Why has the artist used those colours?' 'How did the artist choose what to paint?' And provides straightforward answers. Demystifying art appreciation, this book reveals that the simplest questions can be among the most pertinent. There is plenty that will stimulate children's interest in art - and enlighten grown-ups too. Ver Descripción del producto