To Kill A Mockingbird (Vintage Classics) por Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird (Vintage Classics) por Harper Lee

December 12, 2019

Titulo del libro : To Kill A Mockingbird (Vintage Classics)
Autor : Harper Lee
ISBN : 0099466732

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Harper Lee con To Kill A Mockingbird (Vintage Classics)

To Kill a Mockingbird

"Harper Lee announced she would be releasing a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird this summer – 55 years after her debut. Go Set a Watchman, completed in the mid-50s but lost for more than half a century, was written before To Kill A Mockingbird and features Scout as an adult" (Guardian)

"No one ever forgets this book" (Independent)

"Someone rare has written this very fine novel, a writer with the liveliest sense of life and the warmest, most authentic humour. A touching book; and so funny, so likeable" (Truman Capote)

"There is humour as well as tragedy in this book, besides its faint note of hope for human nature; and it is delightfully written" (Sunday Times)

From the Publisher
'No one ever forgets this book'

From the Inside Flap
'Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.'

Atticus Finch gives this advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of this classic novel - a black man charged with attacking a white girl. Through the eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Lee explores the issues of race and class in the Deep South of the 1930s with compassion and humour.